In aeternum1 by Sir Thomas Wyatt2
In aeternum I was once determed3
For to have loved, and my mind affirmed
That with my heart it should be confirmed
  In aeternum.
Forthwith4 I found the thing that I might like
And sought with love to warm her heart alike,
For as me thought I should not see the like
In aeternum.
To trace this dance I put myself in press5.
Vain hope did lead and
6 I should not cease
To serve, to suffer, and to still hold my peace
In aeternum.
With this first rule I furthered7 me apace8
That, as
9, my troth10 had taken place
With full assurance to stand in her grace
In aeternum.
It was not long ere11 I by proof had found
12 building is on feeble ground;
For in her heart this word did never sound:
In aeternum.
In aeternum then from my heart I cast
That I had first determined for the best.
Now in the place another thought doth rest
  In aeternum.

                                            (published 1815)



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